High Lonesome Timber LLC is a small business based in Yancey County, NC dedicated to precision tree work, efficient utilization of woodland resources, and sustainable forest management. Whether you are a homeowner with a limb threatening your roof, a builder with a house site to clear, or a land manager with significant acreage in your care, we offer a range of services to help you realize your objectives.



For all our services, the first step is a free consultation. We will meet you at your property, evaluate your trees, present any relevant recommendations, and give you a bid for any work that needs to be done. You are welcome to get bids from other companies and are under no obligation to hire us.  We think you’ll be satisfied with our competitive pricing and first-rate service. 


Pruning is one of the best things you can do for your trees when done correctly. It is one of the worst when done incorrectly. We have the skills and tools to do the job right. We can prune to promote health, increase structural integrity, reduce risk, improve aesthetics, provide clearance, increase timber value, and open sightlines. We will not top or round over your trees. These are outdated methods that create unhealthy trees and unsafe conditions. When we are finished, your trees will look clean and natural and be primed for healthy growth.  We use up-to-date equipment and rope climbing techniques that allow us to work safely and efficiently without the use of harmful climbing spikes.


High Lonesome Timber LLC has the equipment and experience required to remove large and hazardous trees. Using a combination of climbing, rigging, and precision felling, we can safely remove trees from problematic locations without damaging your property. If you are concerned about a tree, we can inspect the tree, perform a risk assessment, and make a recommendation. We understand that there are many factors involved in risk management decisions and will present a range of options tailored to your needs and budget.



Many of our most complex and expensive climbing removals could have been prevented with good pre-construction planning and careful clearing. Problems caused during clearing, grading, and construction may not be immediately visible, but will present themselves over time. The trees that will remain around your home should not be an afterthought. High Lonesome Timber LLC can help you select and protect these trees, so they will stay healthy, beautiful, and safe. We apply the same high standards and precision techniques to site clearing that we use around existing homes and infrastructure. However, this work is safer, faster, and less expensive when we don’t have structures to protect.  If possible, please call us before you build.


High Lonesome Timber LLC operates a Wood-Mizer LT-50 portable sawmill. This is a thin-kerf bandsaw mill with hydraulic log handling, computerized setworks, and an efficient diesel engine. We can bring this sawmill to your site and economically turn your logs into accurate, high-quality lumber customized to your needs. Utilizing local forest resources and milling on site is an environmentally responsible alternative to buying imported lumber. This sawmill integrates well with our other services, enabling us to make the most of your trees and offer the satisfaction of forest to finish processing. 


High Lonesome Timber LLC offers a variety of services to help both private landowners and public agencies realize their forest management objectives. Whether you are interested in improving timber quality, regenerating a stand after harvest, enhancing accessibility and aesthetics, or controlling invasive plants and insects, we can help with an approach tailored to your needs.  We bring the same precision and care we use in our residential work to our forestry treatments.  If you are looking for a thorough and professional crew, High Lonesome Timber LLC has what it takes to get your job done efficiently and correctly.


Isak Pertee, the owner of High Lonesome Timber LLC, is certified as an arborist by the International Society of Arboriculture.  This is the industry standard certification and guarantees that your trees will receive top quality care based on up-to-date information.  All technical climbing, felling, and pruning operations on your property will be personally performed by Isak to ensure consistent professional service.


High Lonesome Timber LLC is fully insured with general liability and workers compensation insurance. We maintain a focus on safety and hope to never need this insurance, but tree work is dangerous.  In the event of an accident, your property will be repaired, you will be legally protected, and any injured parties will be cared for. To verify this coverage or get the details of our policies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or contact our insurance agency directly. (NC Farm Bureau 828.682.6128)


Phone: (828)284-8353